How to reduce the fluff of filling machine?

2020-10-28 637

With the rapid economic and social development and the rapid development of high and new technology, many new things are just beginning to appear in people's side. The application of cashmere filling machine in people's daily life is more and more widespread. Little did not know, people in the application of down filling machine at that time often appear down leakage of down clothing. So how should people minimize the leakage of down in down jacket? Here are some general methods to prevent down leakage in down jacket

1. The cloth should be dense enough to be no less than 410t. The relative density of Jingwei should be half and the reverse side should be polished;

2. Use No. 7-9 round nose needle. Usually change the needle several times in 3 hours. Do not wait for the needle to be blunt;

3. The speed should not be too fast, otherwise the needle will be hot, part of the cloth will be melted and fixed, and the needle eye will not be shortened;

4. Use technical special Peng song thread, which will naturally plug the needle eye. General polyester thread is not allowed;


5. The flying silk inside the down jacket is very easy to pierce through the cloth, so the moisture content of the flying silk inside the down jacket should not be too high;

6. Processing technology and structure: there should be at least two sewing lines on the side seam, otherwise the down will leak out according to the side seam, especially the side seam around the shoulder and bag is easy to be replaced by inferior;

7. Quilting before filling, and the standard air pressure for filling should not be too high;

8. The template for quilting should not be too thick. It is suggested that it should not exceed 2mm;

Source: filling machine