Some main performance advantages of Fuller

2020-10-28 635

Nowadays, with the rapid development of society, cashmere filling machine is widely used in our daily lifeFilling machineSome of the main performance advantages of:

1. Accuracy: the imported electronic scale is selected to ensure the accuracy level of 0.01g and the weighing accuracy division value of 0.05g;

2. Fast speed: computer set filling, good program optimization, to ensure the high punching speed of 5g / s;

3. Flexibility of plan: you can choose the large and small pattern according to the style, or customize the plan according to different needs;

4. Saving: the independent down storage box and operation platform can ensure that the down does not overflow, greatly improves the production environment and solves the down waste situation;

5. Easy to operate and intelligent: the computer can preset more than 30 sets of plans, and each plan can be set with more than 100 grids; the touch screen shows that the operation is simple, and ordinary workers can operate quickly.


6. Intelligent weighing indicator, no need to see the screen operation;

7. One key cashmere changing, intelligent control of up and down fluff, no need to wait;

8. Optimization of the setting system for light and light weight small gram cashmere filling;

9. The shape design conforms to ergonomics, making the workers relaxed and comfortable.

Source: filling machine