2020-10-19 632

Product parameters

Voltage: 220 V 50 Hz

Size: host: 135cmx60cmx180cm, platform: 210cmx135cmx78

Power: 2.5kW

Filling port: 4, each of which is operated independently

Product features

1. Reduce the requirements of workers, any one of the workers can work after a little training, and produce qualified products

2. The touch screen design is simple to operate, can store 9999 recipes, and the formula data can be changed at any time

3. One machine has 4 fluff outlets, which can be operated by 4 workers independently and can cooperate with 3-5 production lines

4. High production efficiency, good stability, the average measurement time is 1-3 seconds, filling weight can be adjusted arbitrarily

5. High down recovery rate, clean table, good environment

6. The data can be entered as 0.01

7. The error of each cutting piece is about 1g

8. The speed of the machine is three to five times that of the workers