Filling machine xd-688

2020-10-19 620

Product specification of automatic filling machine


Voltage: 220 V


Scope of application:Down products

Main box size:1.6m×0.6m×1.87m

Table size:2.5m×1.6m×0.88m

Filling mouth:Four

Filling material:60-90 cashmere

Accuracy class:0.1g

Cashmere storage:6—12Kg

Customized or not:yes

Product features

1. Reduce the technical requirements of workers, any one of the workers can work after a little training, and produce qualified products

2. Touch screen design, simple operation, storage, real-time understanding, change data

3. One machine has 4 fluff outlets, which can be operated by 4 workers, and can cooperate with 7-9 production lines

4. High production efficiency, good stability, the average measurement time is 1-3 seconds, filling weight can be adjusted arbitrarily

5. High down recovery rate, clean table, good environment