Why is the filling machine uneven?

2020-10-28 214

Cotton filling machine, also known as filling machine, is a kind of mechanical equipment which can fill ppcotton and other fillers into plush toys, sofa cushions, pillow or pillow core leather shell. It is usually used in plush toys, home textile, furniture and clothing industries.

1. The first thing to check is whether the fillings are still handled well. Since the cotton filling machine can't identify whether there are pimples in the filling materials, they will not scatter the lumps. Therefore, we need to manually check whether the fillings are handled well.


2. Assuming that there is no problem in the inspection of fillings, it is necessary to discuss whether the artificial time distribution is not average. Some places stay for a long time and others stay for a short time.

3. If these situations are eliminated, it may be the voltage problem. Unstable voltage will cause the work of cotton filling machine is not smooth, which will affect the working of the machine, the quality and quantity of filling.

Source: cotton filling machine manufacturer


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