What are the maintenance methods of filling machine?

2020-10-28 618

Down filling machine is a kind of commercial equipment, which is used to fill down and chemical fiber for down jacket and chemical fiber clothing. Filling machine manufacturers all know that the filling machine in the use process will appear some problems, causing trouble to the work, in fact, most of the reasons are caused by poor maintenance. As long as you master the correct maintenance method, regularly maintain and clean the filling machine, the filling machine can be used at ease. So what are the maintenance methods of the fuller machineJiangmen velvet filling machine manufacturerLet's give you a detailed introduction.

Every day:

1. Clean the weighing box with air gun before going off duty every day to blow away the dust and sundries in the box.

Note: the air gun should not be too big, just blow it gently.

2. If the stainless steel mesh on the fluff nozzle is blocked, please use an air gun to clean up the clogged pile in the net, so as to affect the exhaust speed, resulting in the cashmere can not be drawn out normally within the specified time.

3. Do not use too much force to open and close the door of the weighing box, to avoid heavy objects impacting the weighing box, and to open and close the weighing box gently.

Every three days:

1. After the scale body is cleaned and peeled, use the weight to check whether the gram number read by the scale body in the weighing box is consistent with that of the weight (the error range is 0 g-0.1 g). If the deviation is large, please recalibrate it in time.

2. Clean the dust and sundries in the electric cabinet.


Every seven days:

1. Please remove water from the water tank every seven days. Operation steps: close the upper and lower valves of the tank, open the vent valve of the tank. After the gas is exhausted, connect a drain pipe under the pipe body, and screw on the drain valve to drain water.

2. Open all the doors and clean the dust in the dust remover with an air gun.

Every 15 days:

1. Conduct a drainage operation for the water removal tank, and the method is as follows.

2. Clean the sundries on the upper and lower layers of the cashmere filling machine to ensure that there is no dead corner in the cleaning, so as to avoid the cloth strip from entering the box, otherwise the cloth strip will be wound when the impeller rotates. Please shut down the machine in time for cleaning.

The above maintenance method is very detailed, as long as the filling machine manufacturer according to the above correct maintenance method to maintain, I believe it will improve the work efficiency, and then increase the income. Like all kinds of machinery and equipment, cashmere filling machine has life and wear, so it needs regular maintenance to ensure normal operation and prolong service life.

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