What are the characteristics of Fuller?

2020-10-28 603

At present, many factories or some specific places will appear a lot of filling machine equipment, then, what is the filling machine and what is used for? What are its characteristics? If you are not clear about the above questions, let's answer them one by one for us.

Full active down filling machine is designed and manufactured for high-precision down jacket. It can measure and fill automatically. It can be matched with various cutting pieces and used for measuring and filling down.

Features of cashmere filling machine:

1. The whole machine is made of stainless steel, especially suitable for sanitary certification and 9001 certification enterprises.

2. Common mechanical transmission mode is selected to make the structure simple, stable and strong overload capacity.

3. Motor driven screw is selected for filling, which has the advantages of accurate positioning, high precision, fast speed, long service life and good stability.

4. The motor adopts daily maintenance free motor: low noise, long service life, no oscillation, few faults and lifelong maintenance free.


5. Fully sealed air resistance acrylic composite material box, material dynamic and static can be seen at a glance, the equipment is fully sealed, no hair leakage. Down does not leak out, protect the workshop environment and prevent the occurrence of occupational diseases.

6. The filling machine is highly active and easy to operate; the whole equipment only needs one operator, and there is no technical requirement for the operator.

7. Equipped with high-precision quantitative electronic scale, the measurement is accurate, the uniform measurement time does not exceed 1-2 seconds, the error value can be controlled within 0.1-0.3 grams, the quality is stable, which can ensure the product quality and control the abnormal loss of raw materials;

8. Measuring and filling will not damage down, and can adhere to the original softness and fluffy of down, and the filled products will be even and flat, which can reduce the workload of cleaning up in the subsequent beating process;

9. For the fabric with poor air permeability and coated fabric, it is equipped with special filling tube and active exhaust function, which can be replaced with special filling tube;

10. Users and observers can see the state of down filling and remove all impurities and heavy metals in down filling process.

The above is about some features of the filling machine. After reading it, did you suddenly know something about it? In fact, regarding the large and medium-sized shopping malls or the factories making cloth dolls, the filling machine is indispensable. However, each large factory needs to select its own suitable filling machine equipment according to its own needs.

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